I fell in love with these Mary Jane slippers in last October, started making them in November, completed them in February and started wearing them in March and sharing them with you in April… so you see its not easy for me to make slippers or as a matter of fact anything which I make for myself.

I used Bernat cotton yarn to make this pair. They are soft, cute and I love to wear them around. I gave them their first ride in a washing machine and they look all new once again. The pattern is lovely & easy to follow and I feel the author is so generous to offer such an amazing pattern for free.

I already have gift demands for these slippers so I hope to make some more pairs soon, inshaAllah.

These granny slippers I made in November and since this pair was a gift for an aunt it had to be completed in time. But this is a super quick & lovely pattern and I do hope to make a pair for myself too (yeah I still hope to make another pair of slippers for myself!). You can find the pattern here on The Royal Sisters


I’m working on some gifts these days and I hope to come back soon and share the latest projects with you.


Update: The slippers are no more soft after I’ve washed them. I guess Bernat Cotton Yarn gets really rough after washing.


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