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Crochetdd Cupcake

Freshly Crohceted Cupcake

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Who says Cupcakes can only be baked ? Well cupcakes can also be crocheted and can help you baking your cupcakes! I fond this cute & lovely Cupcake Potholder pattern here on Hannah ‘s blog.

It can make a perfect gift for any baker so I got the idea of making it for a friend who is really into baking. The pattern does not mention how the pieces should be faced to whip-stitch together. The seam is almost invisible if you whip-stitch the sides by keeping the wrong sides together. But I figured this after I was done joining the pieces and joined them by keeping the right sides together so the seam is a bit visible.

It was quick to make and I had such a fun time making it. If you are feeling to make some potholders, crochet these cupcakes to help you baking some!


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